After an unnecessarily elaborate winter, here we are, finally, alive and ready to burst into life. Sprouted back from the depths of cozy duvets, roaring fires and throaty stews. This issue pays heed to the traditions of Spring in its feature story, taking you on a journey into the heart of Quebec and the maple harvest. The recipes in this issue lean towards making sustainable eating an active reality through creative pantry use, borrowed culinary concepts, and, spirited use of seasonal ingredients to refresh our palates and transition from the heavy to the light and frivolous and be able to rejoice in the freedom of luxurious rediscovery.



SPROUTED explores the deep rooted connections between man and nature through the eyes of harvest and associated traditions. The beginnings of new life, heralded by the season of Spring, awakens us from the deep slumber of winter. Even before we, the humans sense this change, the rest of the pyramid below us wakes up, yawns, stretches and decides to return to life. Ground hogs may have their use in the US but in the snow enveloped province of Canada, the first break comes as the sap in the trees begin to flow leading to collective rejoicing and collaborative thaw. 

This issue brings you the magic of maple between 10 illustrated pages along with recipes to inspire its use in your kitchen beyond Sundays. It also brings you 22 refreshing recipes dedicated to making sustainable eating convenient and accessible through creative use of pantry items, seasonal produce and culinary concepts. 

Below is a brief glimpse at some pages within the book. Browse through at leisure to get a taste of what the book has to offer.