Vol. 6 | Summer 2015


Many a time, catching a few moments of introspection, whether at the beach or the park, I find myself looking up at the clear blue sky that occasionally was streaked by the grace of a winged creature, gliding effortlessly. In those moments, were truly captured, the essence of this Season and the inspiration for this issue.

Caught between summer and autumn, this issue lauds our abilities to fit so much into the as yet long days; gliding from one activity to the other, yet able to be present in each. The pursuit of happiness that comes upon us suddenly and with passion. Whether it be the roulette of parties and pleasure seeking activities or the grounding of solitude seekers, we all find our way to commit with vigor to what makes us the best, brightest stars in our lives. Each of us seeking the most and at most in everything we do.  Yet, we find the time to recommune, through barbeques, family dinners and holidays!



GLIDE speaks to the human spirit that seamlessly transitions with each of nature's whims, seamlessly adjusting and making the most of every season. As Summer lengthens the days, we play a beautiful dance between filling our lives with indulgence and yet, taking time to rejuvenate and reconnect. Through food we are able to span the breadth of human desires to make the most of the season, in a continuous whirlwind of fun, gaiety and activities and again, wind down as night falls into deep contented slumber, packing up memories for the coming Autumn and thence Winter.

This issue brings you the beauty of our land through the versatility of the Sonoma Coast with a full feature spread of making a magical 72 hours to remember in this gorgeous country. As always, it brings a fresh perspective into eating seasonal with 15 recipes celebrating the warm season. In full respect of our needs and desires to make the most of the warmth, the recipes in this issue focus on leveraging pantry items, in season produce and fruit for delighting our senses and tables. 

Below is a brief glimpse at some pages within the book. Browse through at leisure to get a taste of what the book has to offer.