Vol. 8  | Spring/Summer 2016



ALIVE brings you inspirations to cherish and relish the new lease Spring brings into our lives. Straddling the cold and the hot, this season is meant for reflections and resolutions with the ardent promise of a gorgeous tomorrow. In that spirit, the recipes in this issue warm the soul, yet, leave room for whimsy and fun, allowing you to - let go, indulge and rejoice.

The feature story explores the importance of the humble Egg that is a significant part of our diet and pantry, as well as, of much controversy and activism! We leave you with practical guidance on buying and valuing eggs from different sources..

Starting in this issue is a new wine feature on thematic and seasonal topics of the vine, along with tips to understand, buy, pair and enjoy wine with food. 

Below is a brief glimpse at some pages within the book. Browse through at leisure to get a taste of what the book has to offer.