Vol. 8  | Spring/Summer 2016



ALIVE brings you inspirations to cherish and relish the new lease Spring brings into our lives. Straddling the cold and the hot, this season is meant for reflections and resolutions with the ardent promise of a gorgeous tomorrow. In that spirit, the recipes in this issue warm the soul, yet, leave room for whimsy and fun, allowing you to - let go, indulge and rejoice.

The feature story explores the importance of the humble Egg that is a significant part of our diet and pantry, as well as, of much controversy and activism! We leave you with practical guidance on buying and valuing eggs from different sources..

Starting in this issue is a new wine feature on thematic and seasonal topics of the vine, along with tips to understand, buy, pair and enjoy wine with food. 

Below is a brief glimpse at some pages within the book. Browse through at leisure to get a taste of what the book has to offer.


Vol. 7  | Winter/Spring 2016

nourished magazine - SOLID - Vol. 6 Winter/Spring 2016

As another Winter season pulls in, and, I am reminded of the forgotten beauty from last year. There is certainly something there to rejoice about and something to take away as philosophical application. If only we could take that bird’s eye view and seek the dependability of long cycles, much of our everyday will be resolved without the pains of anxiety!

This issue harkens to that deep desire within us all towards Solidity and rootedness.  Even as we are in the throes of Winter, we forward to the renewal of Spring coming soon. This issue focuses on warmth and satisfaction of wholesome traditions and satiating meals. From the feature story about Turkish Coffee rituals to the pot of spaghetti in lamb ragu on the cover to the richness of biscotti, we explore how we incorporate time into our everyday routine and create a space of welcoming dependence.  

SOLID resonates with the deep desires of each of us as we go through our everyday to step back, pause, breathe in and re-look at our lives from a higher and larger perspective. It brings to life the joy of having a simmering stew stovetop while the snow flakes swirl and dance outside the window.

This issue explores the different ways we look to lengthen time in our lives. From communal rituals to slow cooked meals, we have an intrinsic need to indulge in the moment that despite the hurriedness of our lives is a very real need. In this issue, I want to take you on a journey where you find ways to incorporate time within the realities of your life's constraints...

Below is a brief glimpse at some pages within the book. Browse through at leisure to get a taste of what the book has to offer.


Vol. 6 | Summer 2015


Many a time, catching a few moments of introspection, whether at the beach or the park, I find myself looking up at the clear blue sky that occasionally was streaked by the grace of a winged creature, gliding effortlessly. In those moments, were truly captured, the essence of this Season and the inspiration for this issue.

Caught between summer and autumn, this issue lauds our abilities to fit so much into the as yet long days; gliding from one activity to the other, yet able to be present in each. The pursuit of happiness that comes upon us suddenly and with passion. Whether it be the roulette of parties and pleasure seeking activities or the grounding of solitude seekers, we all find our way to commit with vigor to what makes us the best, brightest stars in our lives. Each of us seeking the most and at most in everything we do.  Yet, we find the time to recommune, through barbeques, family dinners and holidays!



GLIDE speaks to the human spirit that seamlessly transitions with each of nature's whims, seamlessly adjusting and making the most of every season. As Summer lengthens the days, we play a beautiful dance between filling our lives with indulgence and yet, taking time to rejuvenate and reconnect. Through food we are able to span the breadth of human desires to make the most of the season, in a continuous whirlwind of fun, gaiety and activities and again, wind down as night falls into deep contented slumber, packing up memories for the coming Autumn and thence Winter.

This issue brings you the beauty of our land through the versatility of the Sonoma Coast with a full feature spread of making a magical 72 hours to remember in this gorgeous country. As always, it brings a fresh perspective into eating seasonal with 15 recipes celebrating the warm season. In full respect of our needs and desires to make the most of the warmth, the recipes in this issue focus on leveraging pantry items, in season produce and fruit for delighting our senses and tables. 

Below is a brief glimpse at some pages within the book. Browse through at leisure to get a taste of what the book has to offer.


Vol. 4 | Winter 2015

nourished magazine - DEEP - Vol 4 - Winter 2015

With a view to preparing us for the cold and, usually, long journey of the darkest months of the year, this issue inspires you with recipes that give a deep satisfaction to the belly and deeply soothes the soul.

It redefines monochrome to represent what we seek and need at this time.This edition contains 30 pages of beautiful photographs with 11 recipes celebrating the produce of the Season.

As with every issue, this one includes several recipes for those with different diets. From blackened cauliflower to chickpea tartines, from slow cooker fruit butter to rich chocolate tarts, the recipes are intended to enable us to persevere and come out shining into Spring. 

Afresh. Ready to start again.


Vol. 3 | Fall 2014

nourished magazine - colorfall - vol.3 - Fall 2014

This edition contains 44 pages of beautiful photographs with 16 recipes celebrating the produce of the Season with a rich spread of grain free and vegetarian dishes. The feature story is all about our love for the quintessential Fall favorite, Pumpkins!

To be taken in by the glory of this season, not merely as a final flourish but as a lasting memory.  

In this issue, we draw inspiration from the cuisines of the world. From home in New York to little towns in Germany, the Colors of Fall have left a lasting impression on me. In deference to the vibrance of the Season, this issue is aimed to be a reflection of it, in grace, elegance and simplicity


Vol. 2 | Summer 2014

nourished mag - THE SHIFT - vol. 2 - Summer 2014

This edition contains 52 pages of beautiful photographs with 21 recipes and 3 stories that capture the essence of Summer.

To simply give in to the luxury of an un-fussed Summer life.  

In this Summer issue, we dwell on The Shift in both palate and mind as we gravitate towards lighter and fresher meals. The dishes are intentionally convenient allowing more time to enjoy the season. This issue focuses on simplifying and lightening our plate and life.

In our feature articles, we explore the different tastes of Summer and delve into the dichotic worlds of corn and ice cream, two of the most evocatively Summer-y foods with story and recipe inspirations.


In The Beginning.....

Vol. 1 | Spring 2014

nourished mag - REBIRTH - Vol 1 - Spring 2014

The inaugural edition of NOURISHED quarterly magazine recreates the meaning of rebirth on your plate. This issue are a celebration of the freshness of the season of Spring, through recipes that highlight the qualities of Spring produce - crisp, warm, sweet.

We explore the concept of eating from the land, debating the issues of seasonal and local and the sustainability of either in the reality of the world as it is today.

We look at lightening our plate for the warmer weather; more vegetables; focus on fish and chicken while leaving room for the hurrah of Easter lamb; prepare our palate for the lighter desserts and lucious, naturally sweet fruits.